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T.E.M.E. maintains strong affiliations in the music and cultural industries worldwide. We have the ability to attract and obtain international talents that are culturally educated through our company's presence and personal contacts in these various industries, affording the opportunity to generate interest from a wide cross section of the industries. 



Intense, calculated and relentless promotional campaigns enable T.E.M.E to garner a wide range of talents from performing houses, schools, and communities nationwide and worldwide with a strong emphasis placed on Jamaica and the wider Caribbean's cultural talents. T.E.M.E.'s training and mentoring capabilities allow fresh and raw talents and ideas, performing at the highest professional levels.



To provide our clients with an influx of talents which will allow the client the opportunity to financially capitalize on T.E.M.E. resources AND to provide our talent with a competitive pay, excellent resources and a great work environment. Be a reliable, reputable and stable entertainment talent management company serving entertainment needs by providing exciting and diverse artists of the highest regard to the hospitality and cruise industries. 


Our production & promotion company scouts, trains, and prepares entertainment talents ranging from singers, musicians, specialty acts, etc., and provides these talents to the hospitality and cruise industries through contracted employment. We focus on the cultural and creative industries imperative to the success of the entertainment. We are always looking for fresh & new talent. Visit our recruitment page to apply!

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